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To publish students' accomplishments from the different school acitivities both from Academics and Non-Academics as one mean of motivating them to work hard.

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In our humble capacity, may we air our joy in welcoming our new Schools Division Superintendent, in the person of ARDEN D. MONISIT, Ed.D.  :))  WELCOME! sir to the Division of Cebu Province in general, and in Consolacion NHS - Evening Class in particular.

EMEscutin /cmls

Unsay buhaton ninyo mga Dept Heads?

1.) For publication, just submit a ready-made report / publication in soft copy to Mr. Carmelito M. Lauron, Sr. for uploading to our website
2.) You may assign somebody to do it for you, like computer students perhaps or any teacher who has the interest of doing.
3.) If ever you want to include some pictorials in your publication, pls consider the following:
                        3.1) dimension should be 1 x 1 (for solo) and 2 x 3 (for group picture)
                        3.2) pixels should be 72 to 100 only


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